Saturday, September 4, 2010

Top Lady Gaga Costumes

Here are some of the top Lady Gaga costumes, there have been some amazing outfits and now you can dress up like Lady Gaga at your next costume party.

Lady Gaga has been one of the most successful costumes to wear for Halloween and it will be just as popular this year, there are wigs, costume accessories, leotards and dresses to choose from, there are some new styles this year so check out some of the new Lady Gaga costumes for 2015.

Lady Gaga Star Dress Adult

Lady Gaga wore this dress on American Idol. The silver and black star dress is so awesome because it moved with her while she danced and it made her look like a shining, shooting star. The officially licensed Lady Gaga Star Dress features the same silver and black style as the one from TV.

 It has a one shoulder halter with a large star at the shoulder. The front is a silver sequin star on a black dress that is outlined with many larger stars until the entire front of the dress is covered. Metallic silver tassels hang from the waist and long black tassels hang from the back. The costume is can be worn with black fishnets, boots and an official Lady Gaga wig, all sold separately for your shopping convenience.

Lady Gaga Star Dress Adult


The Lady Gaga Silver Sequin dress is one of her many performance dresses. The dress has a futuristic design in silver with a wide flare and a triangular front. You can always count of Lady Gaga for outrageous, one-of-a-kind style. This dress it so sexy and unusual. She lights up the stage like a haute couture disco ball. You can be one of a kind too this Halloween by pairing your Lady Gaga Silver Sequin dress with one of our many Lady Gaga wigs and sunglasses. When it comes to her style, anything goes so this costume is a great way to let yourself think outside the box and have fun being as unique as Lady Gaga. We also sell the fishnet stocking and boots to go with this costume.

Lady Gaga Black & Silver Sequin Dress Adult

The Lady Gaga Black and Silver Sequin Mini Dress is based on the style of her performance outfits. This is a licensed costume that was made with the approval of Lady Gaga and her team. You can be sure that you are getting a great costume that has an unmistakable Lady Gaga look.

That authentic look increases 10 fold when you pair this Halloween costume with one of our many licensed Lady Gaga wigs and accessories. The dress features a black sequin flared shirt and torso with a silver sequin front.

This dress is also available in solid silver. Black shoes and fishnet stockings are also available separately. We have all the hottest costumes with the coordinating accessories for a quick and easy one-stop shopping experience.

Lady Gaga Black & Silver Sequin Dress Adult

Lady Gaga Star Dress

Lady gaga star dress is covered in shimmery silver sequins on black with a large star accenting the entire front of the costume. one point of the star wraps up to be the left shoulder strap, further accented with a matching black and silver star cut-out. our lady gaga curly blonde wig, microphone, hosiery.

Lady Gaga Blue Swimsuit has been really popular.

 This comes with a bright blue swimsuit (exposing your thighs and legs in a manner that would certainly make Gaga very pleased!), with a plunging neckline, side cutouts, and eye-catching structured shoulders.
This costume doesn't include the wig, but you can purchase the Straight Platinum Blonde Adult Wig separately. Joined together, you will certainly come up with an incredibly unique Gaga getup!
Plus Lady Gaga Accessories

Lady Gaga Blonde Wig with Cans Adult
If you have seen the Lady Gaga Telephone Video you'll instantly recognize this wig. The Lady Gaga Wig with Cans has the same style as the one in the video. Lady Gaga has actually been spotted with soda cans in her hair. There are great for setting a big loose curl.

Lady Gaga Blonde Wig with Cans Adult

Lady Gaga GAGA Glasses

Nobody has a sense of style quite like Lady Gaga. When it comes to being unique and taking a risk, Lady Gaga wrote the book.

These GAGA glasses are a black rectangle with the name GAGA written across it in silver letters. The glasses are made in such a way that enables you to easily see through them.

There is a lot of sunglasses to choose from, check them out below.

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